NZBAir API Service - Release 2 beta

Welcome to the NZBAir Service

This is the primary service end-point for the NZBAir application. The NZBAir service acts as a proxy service for a number of index providers.

The interface each provider exposes is standardised allowing the NZBAir presentation layer to maintain simplicity and speed through intelligent caching and enrichment. Aggregating user impressions through this service also reduces the traffic received by the index providers.

For third party developers please note this service isn't intended for external use. This service is liable to change and become registration based in the near future. Should you wish to implement a presentation layer on top of this service please contact me. Bare in mind we have to pay hosting costs as well as continually maintain the service for our users - You'd be surprised how much load the service must manage.

For more information on the service please see: documentation