Specialists in scalable, secure media and financial web systems

// Our Clients

Agile View works closely with a broad range of industries to provide class leading solutions

Deutsche Bank AG

Presenting real-time banking analytics using the latest graphing technology


Working with the largest fashion insight company in the world to make their image and report catalogue searchable

News UK

With a combined readership of over 4 million, developing an authentication platform is challenging.

When breaking story is published the ACL platform instantly scales using the latest cloud NoSQL and hosting technologies.

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Gaining the first mover advantage in a modern market is exceptionally challenging.

We provide subject matter consultancy for a broad-range of technologies which will give you the edge against your competition.

Solutions Architecture

We believe in fast feedback; releasing production quality software in short intervals is the best way to gain feedback and produce the best product. At Agile View we will work closely with your business to build your customer the product she wants.

Customer Engagement

As our world becomes ever more interactive your customers demand feedback. We've work with Salesforce to implement technologies such as Lithium to integrate real-time CRM into our solutions